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As a structural engineering expert, I provide professional technical assistance for the design, analysis, and maintenance of various structures. I utilize advanced simulation software to model and assess structural performance, aiming to minimize risks associated with static and dynamic loads. Construction, renovation, and repair projects are within my area of expertise.      

Nature of the projects

Construction, renovation, and repair projects are within my area of expertise.

Typical client profile

My clients can include construction companies, governments, project developers, architects, and building owners.

of concrete structure

The analysis of concrete structures encompasses the detailed evaluation of slabs, foundations, walls, beams, and columns to ensure their safety and durability. This involves examining their strength, load-bearing capacity, and behavior under various stresses. Numerical methods such as finite element simulations, as well as laboratory testing, are used to assess structural performance. The goal is to design robust and reliable structures by optimizing their design while adhering to safety and functionality standards.

of steel structure

The analysis of steel structures is essential in the field of engineering for buildings of various purposes, roof structures, mezzanines, and walkways. It involves a detailed assessment of the strength, stability, and safety of these structures. The goal is to design durable, functional, and safe steel structures. Advanced calculation methods, such as finite element methods, are used to verify load-bearing capacity, resistance to lateral and seismic forces, as well as fatigue resistance.

of wooden structure

The analysis of wooden structures is essential in construction engineering, encompassing building types such as cabins, timber-framed houses, wooden-framed houses, as well as wooden posts and beams. This analysis aims to evaluate the strength, stability, and durability of these wooden structures, taking into consideration factors such as loads, stresses, vibrations, and environmental conditions. Structural analysis methods, such as calculation models, strength tests, and numerical simulations, are used to design wooden structures that are strong, safe, and aesthetically appealing.

of unconventional structures

The analysis of unconventional structures is a specialized field of study within engineering. It encompasses the assessment and design of unique and innovative structures that deviate from traditional norms. This can include structures with complex geometries, organic shapes, unconventional materials, or innovative structural systems. Analyzing such structures requires a customized and creative approach, utilizing advanced analysis tools such as finite element modeling, numerical simulations, as well as experimental studies to ensure structural performance, safety, and project feasibility.

of workshop drawings

The evaluation of workshop drawings is an essential step in the construction process. It involves a detailed review of assembly drawings, foundation drawings, framing drawings, formwork drawings, and reinforcement drawings. This evaluation aims to verify the compliance of the drawings with standards, building codes, and project specifications. It assesses the accuracy of dimensions, the clarity of details, constructability, and coordination among different drawings. A rigorous evaluation of workshop drawings ensures the accuracy and quality of construction, helping to prevent errors and potential issues on the construction site.

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