solutions for
the realization of
your projects

solutions for
the realization of
your projects

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Custom solutions to strengthen the strength and durability of your construction projects

As a structural engineering consultant, I provide a wide range of services for construction projects of all kinds. I specialize in design, analysis, and project management, and I am also capable of inspecting and evaluating existing structures. My expertise allows me to provide specialized advice and offer training to those who desire it. Thanks to my structural engineering skills, I am able to assist my clients in efficiently and effectively achieving their projects.
Evaluating structures of various types and scales

As a professional, I find it essential to have a detailed understanding of the mechanical and physical properties of the materials I use in my projects. I also consider the economic and functional aspects related to these materials while ensuring their safety and durability. This in-depth understanding enables me to make informed decisions in selecting and using high-quality materials for my clients' projects.

Performing precise and complex analyses

As a professional, I believe it's essential to have a deep knowledge of the field in which I work, along with a strong technical expertise. To successfully carry out my projects, I utilize advanced data analysis tools and adhere to a high level of methodological rigor. This combination of skills enables me to analyze data with precision and rigor, delivering reliable and high-quality results to my clients. Additionally, it allows me to make a meaningful contribution to projects and advance my area of expertise.

of expertise

Concrete structure analysis

Slabs, foundations, walls, beams, columns

Steel structure analysis

Industrial buildings, roof structures, mezzanines, walkways

Wooden structure analysis

Cabins, half-timbered houses, timber-framed houses, posts and beams

Analysis of unconventional structures

Complex geometry structures, organic shapes, unconventional materials, innovative structural systems

Assessment of workshop drawings

Assembly drawings, foundation drawings, framing drawings, formwork drawings, reinforcement drawings

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Results-based approach

Clear, specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals (SMART)

My approach is results-based. It's a method I use to plan, implement, and evaluate my projects. I focus on clearly identifying the outcomes I want to achieve, gather data, and analyze the results to maximize the impact of my actions. This approach is employed by many organizations, governments, and businesses to efficiently and effectively achieve their objectives.

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